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What does this site do?

This website is designed to connect bloggers with post writers - specifically in the area of crafts and recipes.

1- Bloggers who do not enjoy doing crafts, recipes or other similar posts. Perhaps they don’t have the time or inclination, or perhaps they don’t have the skills necessary to create something from nothing and take the proper pictures. These people would be able to log onto the website and search through the selection of posts to find what they need.

Bloggers pay only for the posts that interest them. You can get original content for your blog, when YOU need it without the commitment of hiring a VA.

2- Writers who enjoy doing the crafts and recipes but perhaps do not have time to work as a VA or do not want to blog. They would upload their posts and photos to the website for bloggers to look through.

Writers don’t have to actively search for bloggers to purchase their posts. Bloggers don’t have to hire a VA if they only need one or two posts for a special occasion.

How do I purchase content?

Once you have selected a product, add it to your cart and complete the payment process.  Your purchased content will be sent to the email address provided.

Will you share my email address?

Your email address will never be shared. Please see more information in our privacy policy.

Is purchasing secure?           

Purchasing content is done through Paypal to ensure the security of your payment information.

How do I know when new posts are added?

New posts are added on a regular basis. Be sure to sign up for the email distribution list to be notified when new content has been added to the site. You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter to get updates.

Is content unique?

All content is original.  We make every effort to ensure the content submitted to My Blog Helpers is not present on other websites. All content is sold once to avoid duplicate content on the web.

Do I own the content after purchase?

Once the purchase is complete the buyer owns the copyright to all content and pictures.

Can I request content?

We hope to add this later but currently this service is unavailable.

How do I get paid (writers)?

Payment is made to writers net 15 via Paypal.  However, every effort is made to pay within 72 hours.

How do I pay for content (bloggers)?

You can purchase content via Paypal after you add the desired content to your shopping cart.

How long will my content be available?

All content is available on the site for 120 days or until purchased. After 120 days, unsold content is removed and will be returned to the writer without compensation.

Are there any Fees?

We charge 15% commission to all writers and a $1 administration fee to bloggers.

Why didn't my content get approved?

All content is approved prior to being added to My Blog Helpers manually.  To the best of our ability we will be verifying the information is original before it is put up for sale.  Content is also checked for quality before being placed for sale.  Please see the best practices for content submission for more information.  If we feel the post has potential but just needs some extra attention we will message you with our recommendations.

Help, I paid for content and didn't get my file.

Please email mybloghelpers@gmail.com along with your Paypal confirmation code so we can find out what happened!

Help, my Content submission won't upload.

Please make sure you have pop-ups enabled. If you experience further issues, please email mybloghelpers@gmail.com.

Can I return a post if I'm not satisfied?

All sales are final. However, if you have specific questions or need more information, please contact mybloghelpers@gmail.com